Welcome to Textverse

  • Textverse is a Text Metaverse Engine for Web3.
  • Build by Community, for Community. We build Public Goods.

M: Build a Metaverse Prototype to accelerate the Exploration of the Metaverse.

V: Low cost, No barrier, Fast access for Everyone to jump into the Metaverse.

V: Literal Words, release the Power of Imaginations without any limitation.

Our Mission: Build for Community

  • Textverse is Public goods for Community.
  • It is a prototype of Metaverse for Community to Explore something interesting.
  • Providing to plain users to join and play in a very Easy Mode: just Typing on any screen.
  • Mint NFTs to help players to own their value and assets in Web3.
  • Build relations with the DAOs by Tokens Exchange Stake, they are all the stake-holders of us.
  • Textverse can help any communities,DAOs extend their story within a Text Metaverse.
  • Also, we build a series of tools and smart contracts to solve the engineering problems.
  • So the communities can focus on the Creative and Imaginations on their Metaverse.
  • Cornerstone of the Web3.

Our Vision: Everyone Jump into Metaverse

  • We are Textverse, build Web3 Infrastructure, A Text Metaverse Engine Category Primitives.
  • We build Public Goods for Web3 with Interoperability and Composability.
  • Textverse has three parts:
  • Open NFT Transfer Protocol with series of Smart contract, maintained by the Protocol DAO.
  • Text Metaverse Engine with Web3 TID for any communities, free to use, maintained by the real company.
  • DAO2DAO service mode(D2D,we create this first?) with ReGenEconomics is our long time service.

Our Value: Literal Words have Powers.

  • Literal is the natural ability and basic and essence of the Human Civilization.
  • We have Colorful world, good music, and pretty or handsome Stars.
  • But we still need, the Power of Text, or Literal Writing, the instinct of Express and Communication.
  • So our value is Release the Natural Ability to Create.
  • Be the basement of the Metaverse Creation and Innovation.

Problems with current

  • As you know, we have many many Pixels and JPGs or 3Ds NFTs on the market.
  • We call the NFT the entrance of the Metaverse. It will be multi Metaverse in the future.
  • But no one gives a rule or protocol to connect the isolated NFTs and Metaverses.
  • So we must build individual programs for different.
  • And it will produce Value Isolation with different rules.
  • Just like I have 500$ and saved in different banks, if you want to operate it, transfer or gather the assets, you can’t.
  • Cause different banks have a variety of complex principles to save and withdraw.
  • We need Interoperability and Composability for NFT in Metaverse.

What are Interoperability and Composability?

  • NFT is great but we can only show by PFP avatar, and nothing else can do.
  • We define the Interoperability:
  • Engineering Problems: we build protocols and contracts and infrastructures to run it.
  • Economic Alignment: we build basic circulating Tokens, offer 80% belonging to Community Token Economics.
  • Making it Fun: Yes! The most Creative guys are You, the plains. We offer the blocks, you finish the LEGO.
  • We define the Composability:
  • Compound: More and More, Connected Metaverse with code,interfaces, systems and tokens.
  • Mods: Plugin and Plugout in anywhere. Build with technical and financial and funny stories.
  • Cross Area: Walk through the Metaverse with Composable DID and TID can make you be Individual.
  • Creator = Player = Beneficiary: Create and Earn, Play and Earn, we are stake-holder.

Textverse Solution

  • We have a basic idea called NFT Interoperability Standard.
  • It can give abilities to NFT holders to INTERACTION with their NFTs, the strength of Interoperation.
  • Like a Magic Transport, the Standard protocol can bridge the banks with simplicity and transparency and is open-source.
  • Make your NFT assets can be transferred into and out of all Metaverse with infinite liquidity, we supply a handle convenience interface called ERC7211.
  • Also empower the teams who create NFTs to make the monkeys or girlfriends on paper or Opensea page be alive in different Metaverse or same Metaverse.
  • Yes, Transport your NFT to Metaverse with ONE Standard protocol and Play with it!
  • Basic progress:
    flowchart TD DAOs --> B[Google-Apply-Form] --> C[Check the Form] --> D[Gnerate JSON] D --> E[(Run script)] --> F[Generate Docker] --> G[/Design the story/] --> H[Distribution run Docker,3 at least] H --> I[Load Metaverse test] --> J[Open for Community]


  • Above graph is build by Markdown mermaid engine, maybe unvisible for gitbook.
  • graph

Protocol 7211

  • Metaverse Registry
  • We may have many Metaverse, so we must have a Metaverse list registry.
  • We define the basic meta data of Metaverse, special for Text Metaverse.
  • Transfer
  • If you have any PFP NFTs, you can Transfer into Any (Text) Metaverses.
  • Now you can make your NFT assets be Interoperated by your will.
  • Transport
  • After playing in the Jurassic park, you can Transport to the Ocean World in seconds.
  • Just type the screen and switch channel like TV.
  • Flow
  • NFT-flow


  • It was a ERC1155 NFT, free to mint and stake to earn.
  • We will mint Crypto Tokens to record who support us, the Early Bird.
  • So The Text Metaverse Registry will give you a TID record on the chain and backup in IPFS and Arweave.
  • It can involve all your assets in the Metaverse with Hash link.
  • Maybe in 20 years later, the DIGI DID(TID) will be your most of your life: work, credit, friends, community and fun.

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